One of the Spring design trends gaining fame and surging in popularity is the presence of Mother Nature. This movement has touched almost every industry and element of design and décor including the world of paint.

Green Paint Colors are becoming the latest transitional colour and designers are now using the hue in various shades throughout homes and offices. Highly sought after because of its ability to calm, energize or infuse a room with happiness, it’s also the perfect complement or accent colour.

Although green paint’s natural colour has many moods, in its purest form, it’s restful and refreshing. Whether you opt
for a shade that is serene, crisp and cool or a livelier one, green hues work well in most spaces.

Contractor Advantage recently caught up with Jennifer May, colour expert for Laurentide Paint for her thoughts on Spring in terms of this colour and trend.

“Green is in the air! Indoor gardening is a huge trend actually and that is one of the reasons why greens are so present in interior design currently. Inspired by nature, tints of vegetal greens help restore balance to one’s life. These shades procure a tranquil sense of wellbeing. In combination with green (such as Laurentide 4-17-6), I suggest to use natural soft neutral wall shades such as Laurentide 5-15-1. We are going to be talking about soft pink (such as Laurentide 1-3-1), as the weather warms up and we get closer to wedding season.”

She also adds that greens are about new growth, freshness, healthy living lifestyles and that green can create a grounded feeling, leaving any space well balanced.

One thing is for certain, it’s clear that the colour green has deeply planted itself in the design trend for Spring!