With the first signs of spring, people start thinking about their annual seasonal cleanup. Whether the focus is on the inside of the home or its exterior, the desired outcome is always the same; to get rid of the old, make room for the new and freshen up the space.

Some areas typically see a lot more TLC than others, so to help you welcome spring, Design Talk has put together some simple tips for taking your home into the season!

Gear Up Your Garage
After a long winter, our space is often cluttered, dull and drab. There is no better way to freshen up your home for spring than by giving your garage a little lift. Whether you enter your home through this space, simply park your car or solely use it for storage, it is one of the first and sometimes often spaces you will see and use.

A great place to start is the walls. A fresh coat of paint is a simple way to reinvigorate the garage and you can even think beyond the walls and paint the door and steps that lead into the house.

Is the concrete floor in your garage stained or cracked? Add some dimension and functionality to the area with garage floor coatings or garage floor tile. These flooring alternatives are durable and low-maintenance, not to mention on trend and beautiful.

Garages tend to be mundane, monochromatic and lacking in visual interest and design elements. Why not add a splash of colour by swapping your gray totes and bins for ones in refreshing colors like yellow, pink, blue or green.

Photo courtesy of Taiga Building Products

Backyard Balance
There’s something about the fresh air, thawing grass and the spring sun that invigorates and inspires us. The frequent showers and bright days disperse winter’s gloom and allow us to focus on warmer days ahead. This means turning our attention to our lawn and backyard and preparing them for the growing season.

Scrubbing patio furniture and eliminating any built-up dust and grime (which can accumulate even if your table and chairs are in storage), is a good starting point. Cleaning your patio umbrella and testing it to make sure it functions properly ensures that all your furniture is ready to be enjoyed!

Buy an outdoor patio bench for instant storage and fill it with blankets, pool toys or even candles and other small decor items. You can also use the storage solution for any garden tools you want to keep within easy reach. Choose a color that complements your patio furniture or chair covers for a chic way to keep clutter at bay.

The other types of tasks involved in getting your yard ready for the upcoming season include, prepping flower beds and removing any winter weeds. These are all sure fire ways to give your outdoors a spring facelift.

Regardless of which room you decide to focus on this spring, it’s key to always organize the space before you decorate it. However, whether it’s your garage or yard, there’s no denying that both can benefit from a bout of post