Introducing ONE solution for ALL of your residential rigid insulation needs, STYROFOAM™ CLADMATE™ CM20 extruded polystyrene foam insulation.

STYROFOAM™ CLADMATE™ CM20 is a multi-purpose rigid foam insulation that features the same trusted and time-tested quality and performance attributes as our extensive STYROFOAM™ branded portfolio. But, it has expanded its versatility for use in all residential construction applications including:

• Above AND Below grade
• Under slabs
• Interior AND Exterior applications

STYROFOAM™ CLADMATE™ CM20 insulation is designed with the builder and contractor in mind, providing them with the performance they need in ONE product solution, regardless of the application.

Quality. Performance. Durability.

Features and benefits of STYROFOAM™ CLADMATE™ CM20 insulation:

• Provides a continuous layer of insulation – helping reduce thermal bridging and energy loss
• Consistent indoor temperature, adding to homeowner comfort
• Increased energy efficiency – helping reduce heating and cooling costs
• Offers protection from moisture intrusion
• High R-value of R-5 per inch
• Reduced potential for condensation in wall cavities
• Durability, helping protect home value
• Helps reduce green house gas emissions by reducing energy use
• CCMC 11420 -L

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