From your laundry machine to your TV, high tech appliances and gadgets are commonplace in your home, but what about the front door?

For years, locksets have been making huge strides in technological innovations to increase security and ease of use. Now, with many different types of high tech locksets available to homeowners, the days of a simple deadbolt and key are behind us.

“Many of the new options for high tech door hardware can make your home more secure, yet easier for you and your family to access,” said Steve Kolobaric, of Weiser. “Soon your key chain could be a thing of the past, with cars, and now your front door, not requiring a key any longer. All you need is your smart phone and a finger to open some of the newest, and most secure, locksets on the market.”

The Weiser Kevo gives homeowners the ability to unlock the door with their smartphone and a simple touch. The lockset even lets you send electronic keys to family, friends and service people as well as receive notifications whenever a user enters or exits the door. If you don’t have a smart phone, the Kevo comes with a small fob, which acts as the lockset’s identification device. The Kevo also has a traditional keyhole so you can still use a key as a backup.

Another high tech solution for your front door is the Weiser SmartCode Touch or Powerbolt 2, which lets you use a traditional key, or the built in number pad. With a few button presses you can enter your house without fumbling for a key or worrying about losing it.

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