The ultimate framing and decking blade.

Look for the 6 important features to look for in a quality framing and decking blade:

  1. Tough tungsten carbide tooth – a C3 carbide tooth is recommended (hard and durable)
  2. Brazing of the tooth – look at the colour of the brazing (the weld of the tooth onto the blade). Silver = stronger bond for extended cutting life and safety. Copper = weaker, leading to tooth loss.
  3. Hardened steel body – for a true cut, less vibration, less warping and long life.
  4. Heat expansion slots on the outer edge of the blade are designed to expand the steel when heated and keep the blade cool, to avoid warping and extend the life of the blade.
  5. Anti-vibration slots – usually S-shaped, these laser cut-outs on the blade body are designed to damper vibration, which reduces heat and noise.
  6. Anti-kickback delimiters – located behind each tooth, angled in the opposite direction, designed to minimize kickback.

The Task® Barracuda blade combines all of these features, and also cuts fast and easily through wood with nails. The ultimate blade, at a value price.