For over a decade, Horizon Coatings Inc. has been manufacturing Ready Pine T&G paneling using state of the art machinery to produce a perfect factory finish. We stain the wood with over 10 different translucent colour options. This process draws out the natural features of the Lodgepole Pine species by enhancing the grain structure and knots.  A low sheen topcoat is then applied to give the final product a silky smooth, furniture grade quality finish. For those who want a solid opaque colour, there is Ready Opaque MDF painted Cloud White.  Ideal for ceilings such as in a kitchen, Ready Opaque provides a signature feature for the room.

Unique to Ready Pine is our end-matching, which saves time and money, as well as greatly improves the fit and finish of the project.  There is no need to splice over a stud or joist.  The off-cut at the end of the row become the starter piece for the next row.  This feature results in both labour and material savings.

Ready Pine is now available in two patterns – the traditional V-Match and the more contemporary Nickel Gap. Ready Pine can be installed on the walls vertically or horizontally.  Vertically provides a more contemporary look, whereas horizontal is more traditional, like a log cabin.  And of course, nothing enhances the ambiance of a room like pine on the ceiling. Consider Ready Pine on your next project.