Sleek and effortlessly modern, Steel-Craft’s Contemporary Series offers the look, feel, and texture of real wood without the maintenance issues. The door’s flush, clean finish fills a growing demand in the market for designer inspired products. The Contemporary Series features Steel-Craft’s uncompromising durability and function. This climate ready insulated steel door has an exterior that won’t require staining or painting. Unlike real wood, it will not warp, shrink, peel or crack making it ideal for the Canadian Climate.

About Steel-Craft 

We use the finest quality Canadian galvanized steel finished with primer and exterior polyester paint. This paint acts as a barrier protecting the underlying zinc coating and extending the life of your garage door. Every door is finished with a factory applied, baked-on, two coat exterior polyester paint finish on both sides – giving years of maintenance free operation. Steel-Craft products are 100% Canadian and are designed for use in Canada. The highest possible grade of perimeter weather-stripping provides excellent protection from outside elements, while a continuous weather seal is inserted between each door section, preventing air from getting through.

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