The landscape of mobile technology in the construction industry is constantly changing to meet the multitude of tools available in today’s market. More and more, mobile applications are becoming part of everyday life as they efficiently and effortlessly help us organize daily life and make even the most daunting tasks seem as simple as clicking a button.

Even in their most basic form, applications can be an asset and provide support. Trades, open communication and let’s not forget the all-important weather forecast can be used to help you plan for whatever the heavy day throws at you and the best part is most of these are available right out of the box on most devices. News feeds for trade rumours are available any time across multiple devices and the same goes for weather forecasting, set these up and they are guaranteed to make any project timeline much easier to manage. For all open communication such as group channels to communicate between the entire team, a separate app may need to be installed but these are very easy to come by and are free to use most of the time (Apple devices provide these functions by default). Utilize these basic apps to get any project moving large or small.

Keep in mind, when it comes to project stakeholders, an accurate measurement of where money is being allocated and where a bulk of time is being spent can be crucial to a project’s success and to ease the minds of those running the operation. Find the perfect financial application to set up all the right budgets and time tracking. There are a ton of them on the market, some free to use and some more sophisticated apps that handle a little bit more than the basic needs. Using a paid for app might be the best option depending on which makes the most sense to your company due to having a dedicated team devoted to the functionality of the app. You may be paying for the initial download of the app but its job is to save you more money in the long run.

Along with using apps for jobsite efficiency, they can also be used back at the office to make sure project milestones are being set. Apps that synchronize calendars and time throughout the day can dramatically help plan what the next comparable project will look like in terms of time for completion. Keep in mind, synchronized calendars are always available on any device and are also offered through Google as a service for the entire team. Some can also support tasks like vacation requests, ensuring all information is kept in order and nothing is missed.

Finally, apps can also be used to track assets. How is your equipment performing? Where is your equipment and who is using it? Track it all with an app. Have your staff log all damages, performance, location and time in use to monitor regular service and have your entire operation running like a well oiled machine, even the machines themselves!

Remember, not every app will work for you, but taking the time to get to know an application can save you quite a bit of time out in the field and always remember, a paid app may cost you money instantly but will always save you money in the long run if you choose the right one.