What makes a company truly different is not what it’s done, but what it can do for you today and more importantly tomorrow.

While Taiga’s history since its inception over 45 years ago is rich with the anecdotal stories of David vs Goliath struggles, the real story is how they have managed to stay true to a core philosophy of pure customer centric behavior. They believed that the customer comes first, ever when they were an office of 12 and still believe it now with over 400 people across the nation.

“We realized very early on that we would do ‘Whatever It Takes’ to keep our clients happy.” says Trent Balog, CEO. “It’s true to our DNA. We just have to have all our ducks in a row, every day, so we can provide the best products and service possible.”

That could be why they are so deeply dedicated to product availability through 15 Distribution Centres in Canada, with 2 more in Northern California and 6 reload stations in the Eastern USA. This, makes them an extremely reliable partner for inventory.

If this wasn’t enough, Taiga is always looking to improve and add new product lines to that inventory. What was great yesterday can be improved upon for tomorrow.

They’ve jumped on the latest technological and environmental advances in treated lumber, and set higher standards in all their flooring and siding categories. All this towards the larger goal of making the client happier.

While Taiga’s past has been truly historic they look forward to bringing their obsessive passion for client service to more businesses who just want more.

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