The IKO Ultra HP® High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles provide enhanced aesthetics, roofline protection and ease of installation to pair seamlessly with IKO’s popular premium designer and performance shingles.

Enhanced Aesthetics The newest addition to the IKO PRO4™ roofing component system, IKO Ultra HP Ridge Cap Shingles help to enhance a home’s curb appeal by accentuating its roofline and rakes with a dimensional high-profile and textured look.

They have been designed to complement the aesthetics and performance attributes of IKO’s premium shingle offerings, including IKO Armourshake™, IKO Crowne Slate™ and IKO Royal Estate™ Shingles. Plus, since they have a high-profile design, they also highlight the dimensional profile and shake-like appearance of IKO’s performance fiberglass shingles — such as IKO Dynasty® shingles with ArmourZone® — as well as the popular IKO Cambridge™ architectural shingles.

IKO’s Ultra HP Ridge Cap Shingles are currently available in 16 varying colors that coordinate with nearly all IKO residential roofing shingles, providing contractors and homeowners with a diverse selection to meet their design needs.

Roofline Protection Beyond their apparent aesthetic benefits, IKO Ultra HP High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles also help to protect one of the most vulnerable areas of a roof: the roofline.

As such, Ultra HP Ridge Cap Shingles are engineered with a multi-layer construction for superior tear-strength values, including additional protection from a polymer-modified asphalt coating.

Ease of Installation Ultra HP Ridge Cap Shingles also provide a high-quality alternative to using cut-up roof shingles to protect the roofline. They are easy to install thanks to their pre-formed, rolled design, which features a curved edge that doesn’t require additional cutting or folding on the roof.

With an 8-1/4″ exposure, Ultra HP Ridge Cap Shingles also offer nearly 30 percent more coverage than with a traditional ridge cap shingle — meaning fewer pieces to install for time and labor savings.

They are also designed to be used in conjunction with IKO’s complete PRO4 roofing component system, which is comprised of four essential elements to build a long-lasting, durable roof: eave protection, underlayment, roof starters and ridge cap shingles.

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